About me

I am a writer, editor, development communications professional, mother to a small boy with a humongous personality, and a Pakistani immigrant to the United States. I grew up in the city of Karachi, and now live in the Washington, D.C. area with my son.

Aside from working in international development for much of the last decade, I have dabbled in public and media relations, publishing, community organizing, and general trouble-mongering. I’m currently a communications consultant with the World Bank’s education team for Africa, and recently completed graduate studies in interactive journalism from the American University in Washington. Before that, I worked with Rights and Resources Initiative, an international development organization for forest communities’ land rights. I am also a prose editor at Papercuts magazine, a literary publication that promotes writing on and from South Asia.

Skills acquired during the 2006 World Social Forum: Spray-painting graffiti
Skills acquired during the 2006 World Social Forum

This website compiles my writing and some pieces of digital storytelling. Some have been published elsewhere, and some are for ongoing grad school projects.

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to get in touch at madiha (at) amarbail.com

– Madiha Waris Qureshi


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