Once a victim of religious intolerance, a Pakistani immigrant joins the fight against it at home

A young Pakistani Muslim immigrant to Washington has built a platform for fellow immigrants to come together and do their part to promote peace and tolerance in Pakistan. Her biggest motivation is an unbreakable bond with the country she grew up calling home -- in spite of the systemic persecution her community has faced there for decades.


D.C. Area Residents Rally for Syrian Refugees Outside White House

November 21 WASHINGTON – A diverse group of students, families, and activists gathered for a peaceful protest in front of the White House this afternoon to call upon federal and local governments to let more Syrian refugees into the U.S. More than 100 rally participants carried signs welcoming refugees, and chanted against a recent announcement … Continue reading D.C. Area Residents Rally for Syrian Refugees Outside White House

The act of defiance that wasn’t

Since this past week, the global media has been furiously digging into the most non-controversial controversy of all times. Michelle Obama didn't cover her head while the Obamas paid their respects to Saudi Arabia's late dictator King Abdullah. Hold your horses, though: Obama wore a loose, long shirt with a jacket fully covering her arms … Continue reading The act of defiance that wasn’t